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For a Minute There I Thought Christmas Had Come Early

You may or may not remember that my husband and I made the smart decision NOT to move out to a Mormon mansion in the middle of nowhere but to instead bought a normal-sized house closer to town. Since we made that purchase over 5 months ago, I have been carefully curating items for our new home (read: Pottery Barn now owns our first-born child).
Anyway, the spending spree is almost complete and we have just about all of the furniture we need to fill up rooms we didn’t have back at the 143 – y’all, this Southern girl has a formal dining and you better believe the first thing I did was buy miles of toile wallpaper to slap up on the walls.
I also went out and purchased too-short but very old table for said formal dining room that has been languishing under the onslaught of daily family meals, since the movers broke our previous cheap—I mean vintage—kitchen table.
Well, today our new kitchen table and chairs arrived and, let me just tell you, Christmas has come early.
Not only do I experienc…

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