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The Five Stages of Moving


We're NOT moving to a Mormon Mansion and I feel great about it!

A more skeptical person might say that the way things worked out was all due to my stubborn nature, but a God-fearing lady, I choose to believe it was His intervention that got us to where we are now---which is to say, NOT moving to a Mormon Mansion.

You see, after a lot of back-and-forth and negotiations and compromises, I had agreed to move to the large house on 82 acres, 30 minutes away from town. I consoled myself with the knowledge that I would get to redo the house exactly the way I wanted with no argument from my husband and that the superior school system was worth it--or, if nothing else, by sacrificing what I wanted now, I'd be building stories onto my mansion in Heaven while Dom would be consigned to the position of my celestial landscaper once we reached the hereafter.

But, that didn't happen! Instead, while we were waiting to sign back a counter offer to the sellers of the MM, a differen…

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